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Yep, looking back I see that I have posted one of these each year about August-September, so let's make it three in a row!

1. Tripping Over You - Milo and Liam, navigating the waters of a first relationship (m/m).

2. Supercakes - Kat Leyh is now getting more of a break in mainstream comics as an artist for Lumberjanes and things like that but hopefully this on-off series about superpowered girlfriends will continue! (f/f)

3. Hotblood! - centaurs in the American west (m/m).

4. The Center for Otherworld Science - as the author herself describes it, it's about "three women, awkward romance, interpersonal workplace dynamics, and a cryptozoology institute with questionable ethics." (f/f implied)

5. Dragon Husbands - Fai lives on a space station in the future and is more than a little surprised to find he's been betrothed from childhood and that his intended is a dragon. (m/m)

6. Eth's Skin - all about selkies and so on, in a slightly-altered British Columbia (queer).

I'd also previously linked to American Captain Comic which is a bitter-sweet comic drawn by one Steve Rogers, but that's now been on hiatus for 6 months so you need to bear that in mind...
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