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Back from WorldCon and back to work at Dysfunction Central Ltd., which remains as chaotic and on-the-edge-of-bankruptcy as before. Only time will tell if we get paid next time payday rolls around.

Anyway, I will be posting something about WorldCon in due course (either tomorrow or Sunday) but in the meantime I wanted to do a little list of things I'm going to be posting about over the next few weeks. Namely some recs of various things, such as the following:

  • 5 webcomics
  • 5 books
  • 5 movies
  • 5 actual paper comics
  • 5 characters I didn't expect to like
  • 5 places I've visited
  • 5 places I'd most like to visit

    All in fives, so if anyone has something they'd like me to blather about 5 of, please let me know?

    First up then, 5 webcomics I'd recommend:

    1. Tripping Over You - Milo and Liam, navigating the waters of a first relationship (m/m).

    2. SuperCakes by Kat Leyh - as the author describes it, 'a series of vignettes about super-powered girlfriends, May Ai and Mo LaMarck.' (f/f)

    3. Hotblood - centaurs in the Wild West (m/m).

    4. Eth's Skin - all about selkies and so on, in a slightly-altered British Columbia (queer).

    5. American Captain Comic - Steve Rogers (yes, that Steve Rogers) keeps a diary comic which is at times incredibly touching (gen so far).
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