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So I'm driving to work this morning, pulling out of a lovely country lane into a wider road where the limit is 40mph half a mile each way because there are houses - I'm turning left so I look right and all I see is a car at least 150 yards away, therefore I don't slow down particularly at the junction.

Moments later, there's a white van on my bumper (who has absolutely flown past the car I'd seen previously, doing at least 60mph), and in my rear view mirror I can see the driver gesticulating at me while he flashes his headlights. All this despite the fact that I am doing 40mph in a 40mph zone.

Of course, as you can probably guess, who is this masked man muppet van driver? None other than Van-Driver who lives round the corner from me. Naturally. Clearly his inability to park also includes an inability to see road signs as well.

I hope he's not planning to confront me about this incident (and he knows it was me, because later on there's another junction and I turned right while he went left, which meant he passed me). For his sake, given that I know where he lives, have his car and van registrations and the name and phone number of his employer, who I doubt know that V-D drives their van like a maniac. ;)
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As I live on a main road, the nearest place I can park my car is round in the next side road along, which has never been a problem. However, yesterday I was approached by the 20-something van-driver who has moved into the nearby flats in recent weeks/months. Please note that this is a road, not private parking.

Van-driver: If you're going to park there, could you make sure you're right against the side as I nearly hit your car getting out the other day.
Me: I'm usually pretty good at parking, but I'll try and park a bit closer to the kerb. *thinks* I'm sorry you're incapable of driving properly.
VD (ha!): And there needs to be space for the van, my car and my mum's car.
Me: I'll bear that in mind. *thinks* Dude, you live with your mum! Your lack of cool, let me show you it!

I've (not) been intimidated by people who do that for a living (e.g. barristers) but I just couldn't be bothered to argue about it.

And meanwhile, an open letter to Mini drivers, particularly male Mini drivers who clearly have some compensatory issues going on:

Dude, it's a country road. In some places, it's true the speed limit is 60 but that's often too high, given the possible things you might encounter (tractors, cows, horses, and so on). Getting right up my arse when I'm following a tractor pulling a trailer full of wood that I know is probably going to stop and turn right any moment now because I drive down this road regularly, not a good idea. Likewise, haring past me doing 70 mph easily. I look forward to seeing someone picking bits of you and your Mini off the road/tractor/tree very soon.

No love,
Someone who has more sense.
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Got home to discover in my post a letter from a firm of solicitors who are 'anxious to contact' my former neighbours, asking for any information I might be able to give them about where they might be, which estate agent sold their house, etc etc. Interesting, eh?

Also realised today that I messed up - I'm off work next week and it's half term! :( That was really bad planning on my part, since I usually try and conscientiously avoid being off work when the kids are off school. Fortunately the kind of things I need to go and buy next week (like gravel for the front garden) are less likely to be found in the places that parents are most likely to drag their resentful offspring to...

I may still try and get to see Harry Potter while I'm off (yes, still lacking in that department), since it's cheap all day Tuesdays and I prefer to spend as little money at the cinema as possible.
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You know, when you open a box because you have no idea what's in it and one of the things contained is a letter inviting you to an interview for a job you didn't get in 1998 then you know it's time to have another clear out... ;)

So, wise people of my friends list: is there a consensus of opinion regarding how long I should keep bank statements for? Consider that I don't have to complete a tax assessment as my income tax gets extracted from my pay before it gets to me. Thoughts? Opinions?

E.T.A. My neighbour is still working on the shed. Which isn't even a proper shed but one of those half-shed sized tool locker things. I should say he's actually just trying to fix the roof panels on at the moment, so I think he's almost done. Not helped by their cats sitting on stuff, as is the feline way.
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It's a conspiracy!

I was about to go to bed and there was an almighty thumping sound from outside in the street, immediately recognisable to anyone who's ever heard it before - the sound of two cars coming into contact with one another at speed.

I used to have a bus stop over the road from my house and now it (and a goodly section of the fence behind it) is lying on the ground with a car on top of it, while the other car is on the wrong side of the road, and in between them there is glass all over the road. Hopefully the people concerned will stop arguing at some point and go away.

E.T.A. - must be a slow night in the city, the bizzies have already arrived, less than 10 minutes after the incident...
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After yesterday's little drama, I just got a visit from my next door neighbour who wanted to let me know what had actually happened (since she was too upset to tell me yesterday and wanted to be sure she hadn't said anything that she shouldn't have...) - apparently three of the kids had escaped, not just two, and visited various houses in the area. Little buggers.

It was only when their various captors were putting the kids back in the hutch that they realised the cat was there - a post-mortem has revealed it died of a heart attack, so at least she can now let her other three cats out without fear of something bad happening to them as well...
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More neighbourly drama...

Next door (the other side from the arsehole) have cats, one of which was found dead underneath the ferret hutch in my garden this afternoon - whether it was because they could smell it there, two of the kids had also managed to escape out of the hutch and were capering around the neighbourhood before someone caught them and brought them back. Apparently one strolled in through someone's back door as if he owned the place, which doesn't surprise me in the least!

They think the cat might have been poisoned and there's no sign of any trauma, so the kids aren't suspects, I'm glad to say. Time to reinforce the catches so there's no repeat performance for the furry Houdinis...
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It's been a while since my neighbours annoyed me, so perhaps I should have seen this coming. But why is it that their blazing rows always happen in the early hours of the morning when some of us have got to go to work soon?

1.30am: cue the front door next door slamming, which is always a bad sign. Followed by arguing voices through the party wall - I'm not sure if this is the same girlfriend as previously (the one who ought to have kicked the arse in question to the kerb because of the way he spoke to her) or a different one but the song remains the same. Loud arguing followed by a stream of choice profanities from her and then the front door slams again. I live in hope that this will be the end of it all, as if she has any backbone to speak of she's calling for a taxi and getting the hell out of there.

Instead, I get the girlfriend sitting on the doorstep next door sobbing into her phone for 10 minutes, followed by the arrival of her angry father/older brother/indeterminate male relative. *sigh* And there was much arguing and possibly arse-next-door got a smack for his troubles, I'm not quite sure.

I hope he hurries up and moves out, because I really don't need this kind of shit when I'm going to be pulling much earlier mornings for the foreseeable future...

Plus, 5 days left in my current job and a shedload of stuff to do. Eep!

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