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Went round and put posters up yesterday about manky!cat, with the plan of doing more this afternoon, but the first lot seem to have worked... apparently he belongs to some people who live in the new estate that was built across the road from me.

Yes, this cat who has been sitting in my back garden quite happily every evening since Wednesday, pretty much all day yesterday and again this morning, couldn't be bothered to walk the quarter mile or so to its actual home. Despite the whole ferrets experience, something was clearly better about being here than there!

Anyway, I've told them about his trip to the vet and am waiting to see if I get paid back or not (though I regard it as a sacrifice to my clearly being a soft touch if not). BTW, in case anyone was wondering, his name is actually Murdoch. ;)


Aug. 28th, 2008 06:54 pm
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I'm now starting to get an inkling of possible reasons why manky!cat may have become a stray... ;)

Got home and discovered he had gone upstairs and peed on my bed. Twice. Including getting under the duvet and peeing on the mattress. As you can imagine, I was seriously underwhelmed by this.
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Well, for starters she is a he. Not that he was overly impressed with the vet checking that fact this morning. And he's not microchipped either, so he's definitely not one of the two cats that fit his description on the local cats protection list. He's also got an infection in his mouth, for which he's been given an injection of long-acting antibiotics, which could have also affected his being so skinny. I'd say best case scenario is that he belongs to someone and they haven't bothered to get him to the vet - worst case is that he really is a stray, which I still think is the more likely scenario. Or he could just be old and manky! ;)

Anyway, I ran off a bunch of flyers at work so tomorrow I'm going to start sticking them up in the local area and we'll see if we get any response... (like, 'oi, what the hell are you doing nicking my cat????' for example!).

We've also been having ferret-cat interaction and it's a mixed bag. As far as Dougal is concerned, he's not that interested in anything other than what he's doing, so he'd sniff the cat and then get on with whatever-it-is he has on his mind (usually either eating or sleeping). Meanwhile the mad pair are not so sanguine, and the feeling's mutual - not helped by Woody literally running into the back of the cat (ferret eyesight is poor, to say the least) and then refusing to leave him alone. In the end, I had to shut the cat in the bathroom, out of the way, otherwise the poor critter would have had no peace. This does not bode overly well for long-term cohabitation but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it...

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