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Once again LJ forgets that people would rather opt in to stuff than opt out. From [ profile] news we have this new gem about the new 'Explore' area of Livejournal where LJ is essentially aggregating everyone's posts:

"First of all, let us reassure you that the only entries that will ever appear in the explore areas are public entries. However, you will have a few options if you don't want a post of yours to be included in the explore areas. You can remove individual posts that are currently appearing in an explore area by clicking on the delete button next to that entry. This will not delete your entry from your journal; it will only remove it from appearing in that explore area. If you want all of your public entries to be excluded from the explore areas, you may opt-out by going to Viewing Options [] and checking the box labeled "Explore Area Exclusion." Journal entries posted as private or friends-only are automatically excluded, but this will also exclude your public entries from the explore area."

Apparently there's no way of excluding non-locked community posts as a whole from this, because it's dependent on the individual settings of the people who post to that community... *sigh*
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And that's it. I'm now officially not a paid user here any more. I find it entertaining that one of the six icons left to me is this one. ;)

E.T.A. Seriously, 6? That took some manoeuvering, even though I've never been one of those people with loads...
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I am now officially up to speed with HP 7, not to mention so far up the Nile that Speke and Burton couldn't find me, so I can now roam the rest of lj like a great roaming thing.

At least until lj arbitrarily decides I am one of the undesirables and banninates 'permanently suspends' me for some infraction (die, Bush, die!!11!! That ought to do it). I didn't get the chance to comment on the latest [ profile] lj_biz 'clarification' of the TOS, so perhaps my days are not so numbered behind all those, mostly admirable, folks? Still, there may be something in this:

How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension20
Your crimeFailing to establish literary merit in your Harry/Draco/Ron/Seamus/Hagrid/Dobby/Bart Simpson circle jerk fic.
Who reported youms_manna
Your fateBlogging simultaneously on Journalfen, GreatestJournal, and InsaneJournal gives you fatal RSIs.

In other news, I caught the last 30 seconds or so of a television trailer for the Will Smith movie Bad Boys which is airing on one of the terrestrial channels at the moment - I wish I'd seen it all, because they'd pretty much edited it as a slash vid, complete with each character saying "I love you" to the other and then the voiceover went "Bad Boys, a love story". Oh, you guys! :P
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  • You know, it's kind of tricky to take seriously an episode of Criminal Minds about a serial killer targetting the homeless when all the homeless folks and drug addicts have such perfect, shiny Hollywood-white teeth.

  • Please feel free to ignore me if I get all preachy about the current lj shenanigans in your journal, dear friends, it just bugs me to heck when I pay for a service and said company decides they can trample roughshod over people in an arbitrary fashion.

  • It's warm here. I mean warm for the UK, before anyone starts. Maybe it's summer at last? The kids are all crashed out, and I'm glad that unlike them, I don't have a fur coat.

  • Bullet points are your friends. ;)

  • Has anyone got experience of any of those open source gallery software thingys, because I'm thinking how it might be easier for the future [ profile] danielpix pics when I move everything over to my own webspace?

  • I'm currently about halfway through HP7, since I decided it would be easier to listen to it when I commute, and that I might finish it before Christmas that way. Much appreciation for your continued lj-cutting. :)

  • Is it just me, or does the current fashion for tops look like over-bright maternity wear?
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    While I think it's unlikely that I'll actually move from lj, I certainly won't be renewing my paid account when it expires at the end of the month - whatever you might think of the pics that led to particular fanartists getting their accounts deleted, I don't think anyone can argue that lj are spectacularly failing to make a decision and stick to it. That does not bode well for any of us copyright infringers, even those in fandoms where the protagonists are (well) over the age of consent...

    What will this mean for you, oh gracious reader? Not much, I expect. I won't be posting any more polls, because those require a paid account, but I have webspace so I can still post ferret pics, which is all anyone cares about anyway! ;)

    As for [ profile] danielpix, I'll be moving my pics for that community onto my own webspace, as I have no intention of giving up my Danielly goodness for anything. Likewise, there will be no more pointless polls after this month. :(

    In case anyone cares, though, I have a back-up journal here, though I won't be using it much unless the fandom shit really does hit the fan around here.

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