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Okay, so I was curious...

I have 88 stories on AO3 at the time of writing, with a grand total of 662,705 words. Guess those novel-length stories really help, huh? At the moment it works out at 27 in Magnificent Seven, 22 in the TV version of UNCLE, 18 in Stargate SG-1, 12 in the movie version of UNCLE and 9 in Wild Wild West.

Top 5 stories by hits:
1. More Than Meets the Eye - 5155, Man from UNCLE movie
2. Larger Than Life - 5129, Man from UNCLE movie
3. The Games Agents Play - 3096, Man from UNCLE movie
4. Modus Vivendi - 2945, Man from UNCLE movie
5. Exigent Circumstances - 2187, Man from UNCLE movie

Yep, I see a bit of a trend here, a short-lived flush of interest in a particular fandom just as people were wanting to read it, on trend for once! My first Magnificent Seven fic appears at number 7 on the list, the first fic for the TV version of UNCLE crops up at number 8. The big jump for hits for the first two is also probably affected by my posting them as WiP.

Top 5 stories by kudos:
1. Larger Than Life - 355, Man from UNCLE movie
2. More Than Meets the Eye - 245, Man from UNCLE movie
3. Vitality - 144, Man from UNCLE movie
4. Togetherness - 117, Man from UNCLE movie
5. Modus Vivendi - 117, Man from UNCLE movie

Another strong showing for a certain fandom. I'm quite pleased to see Vitality and Togetherness cropping up on there, because you kind of expect longer fic to get kudos more?

Top 5 stories by bookmarks:
1. Larger Than Life - 99, Man from UNCLE movie
2. More Than Meets the Eye - 49, Man from UNCLE movie
3. Obligations - 30, Magnificent Seven
4. Modus Vivendi - 27, Man from UNCLE movie
=5. Exigent Circumstances - 25, Man from UNCLE movie
=5. Three's (Not Always) A Crowd - 25, Man from UNCLE movie

Yay, a fic from another fandom finally makes it onto the list, as does my ridiculous threesome-of-convenience fic, which I had a lot of fun writing.
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Ugh, norovirus. Well, that was Saturday - I had lots of things planned for my class but spent pretty much all day in a small circuit between bed and toilet, which was not fun at all. I thought it was food poisoning at first, but on the rare occasions I come down with that (last time, it was eating yoghurt without checking the Best Before date), as soon as I puke I feel much better. This time, not so much. I literally couldn't keep anything down at all on Saturday and even drinking water was debatable at times.

So that means I need to try and find another Saturday to catch up that missed class, since most of the folks on it are paying for themselves, but that's a job for later this week when I can check which Saturdays the building is open. It also got me out of college tonight, because you're supposed to stay home for 48 hours, but I could have done without the reason for it!

In other news, I'm currently struggling a bit with finding good fanfic to read. I've been reading all sorts of stuff but the majority of it doesn't really strike me as good enough to rec and there's only been a few exceptions to that rule (since it's always lovely when someone whose writing you like gets sucked into your fandom, hello [personal profile] przed!). That ice-skating anime seems to have infected lots of people but I'm still catching up with Legend of Korra for the first time, so the chances of me getting that particular bug are slim to none.

However, I did stumble across some stonkingly good original fic and would like to recommend it - The Course of Honour by Avoliot. Lots of slow burn angsty arranged marriage stuff and updating regularly, currently 9 chapters in and still going strong. *sighs happily*
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So, I've been using this website called 750words and it's really helped me to get a reasonable amount of writing done in terms of fanfic, and those days when I can't turn my hand to that I just blurt out whatever's in my head. I'm currently on 226 days and nearly 208,000 words written since August (which is cool!).

Because of my previous computer dying and the fact that I'd backed up some of my fic-in-progress but not all of it, I had to go through the tedious process of taking out the other hard drive and putting it into a caddy so I could connect it to my 'new' PC and access the files. That proved significantly easier than I'd expected would be the case so it means I now have an extra external hard drive to save stuff on as well, which is cool. The way forward is definitely multiple copies of things! :P

Because I have a very ad hoc system (which closely resembles and is in fact identical to 'not having a system at all') when it comes to the fic I'm writing, I'd completely forgotten what I had in progress and keep going 'oh, that's the fic where X happens' when I open up a file, which I find amusing. At the moment I'm about 18,000 words into a marriage of convenience fic (well, it started off like that and mutated a little!) and enjoying myself immensely with it - I've read a bunch of these and never got around to writing one myself, so that's something new. If anyone is actually interested in what I'm writing, please ask and I'll tell you more!

One of the other things I'm trying to do while I'm off work is figure out the rest of the plot for a couple of incomplete stories which are up on AO3. I keep telling myself I won't post stuff as works in progress and then go and do it again, so I have a couple of things which I've just left hanging. Not good. Hence also my desire to finish off the various long things I'm working on before posting, rather than falling into that trap again (and again).
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Every year, about this time, folks often post about what they've written over the previous 12 months and I mostly end up hiding under the desk because I am a lazy slob. But not this year! Thanks to [personal profile] temaris and her recommendation of 750 Words, along with the fortuitous arrival of the Man from UNCLE movie, this year I have been all productive and stuff.

As usual, I've also done the [community profile] picfor1000 challenge, which is currently taking sign-ups if anyone is interested in doing it this time around. It's harder than it looks, writing exactly 1,000 words inspired by a picture prompt, but well worth it if you have time to sit down between now and the end of February.

To date, I've written around 130,000 words, the vast majority of which has been Man from UNCLE movie fic, with the exception of one Wild Wild West fic I've been tinkering with and the Magnificent Seven fic I wrote for [community profile] picfor1000.

I've posted 5 complete stories on AO3, as well as an incomplete multi-chapter thing which is just gratuitous smut and a (currently three story) series which is going to be OT3 eventually. I also have one WiP I'm currently posting and three other stories which are respectively 26k words, 15k words and 13k words with endings quite a long way hence which I would very much like to finish before they're posted. Oh, and a Wild Wild West space AU that's about 6k words so far.

All in all a much more productive year than 2014 and sadly evidence that partly what I needed to do was sit my arse down and get on with it. ;)
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This afternoon, I spent a bit of time uploading one of my old SG-1 stories to AO3, which was pretty appropriate as it was my AU novel 'Benedictus', which I wrote for NaNoWriMo back in 2005 or 2006. I don't usually re-read stuff, particularly things that are that old and for a fandom I'm no longer in, but I thought it holds up pretty well and it's 85k words so that'll keep some people happy just on word-count alone.

BTW, all the best to anyone who's attempting NaNoWriMo this year!

In more recent fanfic news, I just broke the 75k words barrier for UNCLE movie fic, helped immensely by a certain AU prompt on the kink meme which is currently just under 20k words and probably about half-finished. I am apparently constitutionally incapable of not getting carried away when I come across a good prompt, particularly one where so far Gaby has had to rescue both Solo and Kuryakin (on separate occasions, not at the same time) - tonight's instalment will see Waverly finally turn up as well, so the gang's all here! :P

Because I've been working on a number of fics (at least 2 and more usually 3) at any one time, taking it in turns to do a bit more on each one, I'm still not back on the old stuff yet so let's stop making promises about when that's going to happen... ;)
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It really is downhill and no brakes till the end of the year, isn't it? It seems like only five minutes ago I thought I knew what I was doing and then it all went to pot - I've just started back working 4 hours a day on a temporary basis at the place I worked at in August, doing data entry. And trust me, 4 hours of that is more than enough! The money's not great but every little helps while we see what's what and I've told them I'm available till Christmas, which works for them as well.

The process with the other job is going to interviews, so I don't hold out a great deal of hope I'll be one of the lucky ones, since there are others out there with a lot more qualifications and experience than I have, but I may claw back some credit because I actually bothered to do training this year (which I know some of the 'old hands' didn't) and because I am prepared to do any day, any time. My interview is on Tuesday afternoon, so I plan to give it my best shot and see how it goes.

Since I have time on my hands, I'm currently trying to get my garden cut back before winter really arrives, as well as clearing out extraneous crap in the house. And cooking, a lot of cooking - I subscribe to a bunch of cooking blogs and use an app called ChefTap to get them onto my tablet, so I can use it as a cookbook. Also it's now apparently pumpkin season, since the local supermarkets have loads of them (for carving, not eating, I presume!) so I expect my newly-cleared-out cupboard under the stairs is about to get some new residents. ;)

In other news, I'm still writing every day and have well over 60,000 words written in the period I've been signed up to 750 Words - it's all been Man from UNCLE movie fic so far, but when I'm done with the story I'm currently working on, I intend to dive back into my WiP (where some Mag7 and WWW lurk) and see if I can knock some of those on the head finally.

Since it's new TV season, I'll do a separate post on that and maybe also a book post soon - I'm still regularly posting on Booklikes if anyone is interested and am currently at 102 books read this year. I'd set a target for myself of 100 so I'm past that and still going, courtesy of my TBR bookcase and my local library's 45p hold arrangement.
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Well, this whole 750 words thing still really seems to be working - as I write this, I'm on a 33-day roll and have written just over 35,000 words during that period, pretty much all of which is UNCLE movie fanfic.

To date I've posted 6 stories for that fandom on AO3, though one of them is incomplete - that latter one started because someone suggested there should be a fic collection celebrating Napoleon Solo's apron and that started me thinking about fantasies and suddenly I was writing roleplay fic (of which the apron-related story is chapter 1). The only problem with continuing that has been thinking up suitable roleplay options, particularly for the OT3. Any (non-rapey) suggestions gratefully received...

I'm also writing something else for the kinkmeme, which has all sorts of ideas posted to it - it's a real microcosm of current fandom interests in a lot of ways, especially with the appearance of ABO and its associated issues that will probably get handwaved over because of reasons. Still, plenty of ideas out there for when I get the current one written, though I still have 1930's AU fic to finish (damnit!). I have a printout of what exists so far for that one and just have to take a good run at it - I can get that started at least by the end of the month. *sigh*
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I might as well inflict links for what's been produced so far on you all, in case anyone is interested:

Togetherness and The Truth About Love are parts 1 and 2 respectively in a series, in which Napoleon would very much like to get his partners into bed but realises that Illya is the first obstacle he needs to overcome.

Then there's also Larger than Life, which is based on an idea from the kink meme about Illya being so much larger than everyone else and using that to manhandle Napoleon, only to discover that he actually likes it.

I'm also writing another story from an idea on the kink meme but it's supposed to be anonymous so mum's the word!

BTW, posting the first two stories was really interesting for me - the first one got more kudos in 48 hours than any of my other stories have ever. E.T.A. And now the kink meme fic I posted has done the same thing, this time in less than 24 hours!

So this is what it's like to be in the hot new fandom? ;)
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A lot has changed since I got into fandom, back in the late 1990's. That was also when I first got online and it was dial-up, which seems like another world completely - I regularly ended up paying extra at the end of the month because I'd exceeded my allotted time online.

At one point we were downloading episodes of SG-1 in what everyone referred to as 'squinty-vision' because the resulting files were huge (in relative terms) but the video produced was tiny and so you'd have to squint to figure out what was going on or even to tell non-speaking characters apart sometimes (the joys of a series that takes place mostly in a setting where people wear uniforms, I guess!). Those files still used to take literally hours to download, so I used to set them up before I went to bed and hope the download wouldn't crash overnight.

And then there were the mailing lists, long before the advent of LJ, and their own particular way of doing things. Some fandoms still have them and they're ticking over, but most of them have (understandably) gone the way of the dinosaur when LJ became the main place for fandom to be.

Now, bypassing the rise and fall of LJ, a lot of fandom is on Tumblr, which is by no means the right place for anything other than lots of 'ooh shiny' given the way it does things. And there's definitely a place for shallow and pretty, but that doesn't mean it works for anything else. So it's quite amusing (in a sad head-shaking and remembering we've been through this before) that some folks now on there are all 'oh, Tumblr is changing and fandom should leave'. This started last year, iirc, when Tumblr was bought by Yahoo and people starting having minor freak-outs. Yes, you should leave and come back to LJ and/or Dreamwidth where we can have proper discussions about things without horrible nesting issues.

I wonder where we'll end up next? ;)

Meanwhile, in related news, I'm happy to say that I'm managing to write at least 750 words every day and am currently on a 16 day streak. After a very scientific method of tossing a coin on August 31st, I also signed up for the month challenge on 750 Words, which gets me another badge and my name on the Wall of Awesomeness if I manage it. I am apparently much more easily motivated (in this case by small internet pics of animals and birds) than I ever imagined would be the case!

Now, after months of my subconscious going 'pfft, call yourself a writer, you can't even manage to sit down and do anything!', we've now moved onto 'oh, so maybe you can write everyday, but what you're writing is shit' which I guess is an improvement? Yep, just over 15,000 words and maybe some of it is crap, but at least it exists.

Been posting on the new UNCLE kink meme which is a bit of an odd experience, all this anonymity and so on - boy, there are some really 'interesting' prompts on there! And yes, I'm writing movie fic but plan to use the same method to break the deadlock on my two existing public WIP as well as clear out some of the other stuff I've had lurking on my hard drive, some of it literally for years.
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It's pretty horrifying to look back and think I started posting fanfic in 1999 (very shortly after joining fandom back in the days of mailing lists) and it's now 2015. Initially, it was all very much fuelled by reading fic and thinking 'pfft, I could do better than that', not realising a) what getting started on that road would be like, and b) that sometimes I could and sometimes I couldn't!

I wrote my way into and then out of one fandom completely, with my fic writing for it not surviving the end of the show in question. I have still never seen the show finale of Stargate SG-1 or indeed the movies that followed it (where there two?). Denial, not just a river in Egypt.

Meanwhile, I still love Man from UNCLE and got the chance to enthuse about it all over again at Nine Worlds in preparation for seeing the new movie. After the debacle that was the so-called Wild Wild West movie (of which we do not speak!) I was fully aware of all the ways in which an UNCLE movie could be horribly awfully wrong and bad. I'm glad to say that, while not perfect, the new movie is not any of those things. I hope it's been successful enough for the studio to consider a sequel, but it's not clear if that's been the case or not.

Still, fanfic.

Two years ago I was writing a Man from UNCLE fic and basically wrote myself into a corner about 21,000 words in and then stopped. I should never have posted the damn thing on AO3 till it was finished and then nobody would ever have known! Instead, I thought 'oh, let's post these two WiP I'm writing and maybe that'll make me finish them' and I was very wrong. I'd had periods where I didn't write before but this felt different, like the very existence of those two stories was an excuse my brain was making for not writing very much else. I managed to get a couple of little things done subsequently, but those stories just loomed over me, laughing mockingly.

The truth is, I'm a procrastinator. If procrastinating was writing, I'd be the most productive person you'd ever met. So things like 750 words are probably really good for me - you commit to writing a minimum of 750 words a day and you get badges for a streak. So far, so good - I'm on a 5-day roll and have been writing Man from UNCLE movie fanfic. Hopefully, I'm also going to be able to use this method to break my existing WiP and get them finished, so they can't laugh and point at me any more!

And there will be fic. Possibly some original stuff too, but no promises. And no more posting WiP online, I have learned my lesson! :P
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Thanks, Calvin and Muad'Dib for getting that particular earworm stuck in my brain, helped by a vid for Almost Human I was watching the other day...

And so, we are heading inexorably toward the end of February and all sorts of stuff is going on. Well, maybe. Probably not as much stuff as all that, to be perfectly honest, but some.

First off, so far this year I've been trying to widen my repertoire in terms of what I cook. I remember reading something somewhere that said most people basically cook a handful of different things over and over, but I decided I wanted to add to my list of possible recipes. This has been assisted by an Android app called ChefTap which lets me take recipes from blogs etc. and strips them of the extraneous texty-bits then sends them to my tablet. I've not had any absolute disasters so far, but there have been a few things I won't be trying again and a few I will, though probably with more garlic and spices in some cases.

I also just, courtesy of Pic for 1000 posted the first fic I've written in a year, in fact since the last challenge they did. So, I can still write, I just haven't. No particular reason, except that the WiPs I left behind are looming over me, I guess and I suck. No news to anyone.

In work news, it's all looking pretty positive - my boss keeps saying nice things about and to me, which is all very lovely. I've got a month left till the end of term, as none of my students are doing exams till later in the year, and I'd like to say I'm ahead of the game in terms of planning but that would be A Big Lie. In real terms, I'm roughly a week ahead in lesson plans at any one time, which is a bit crap but can't be helped as it takes me much longer to do anything since it's all new. Because I inherited this class from someone else, partway through the year, I'm also playing Make Sure You've Covered Everything so that we'll have a whole term left to go over things again as needed before the actual exams happen.

In the longer term, the local college does a full teaching qualification over 2 years of evening classes, which is also cheaper than doing the thing full-time, and I may well be doing that from September one night a week. Which means shifting my current class (apparently now All Mine for the foreseeable future as I haven't crashed and burned) but April is the time for talking about next academic year's plans. I will also be asking about getting more hours because I really (financially) need to be doing at least 5-6 more hours teaching per week than I am currently signed up for.

Full teaching qualification also = more money per hour than I'm getting now, so it'll pay for itself in a relatively short space of time once I've got it. More options in the longer term too, a real case of delayed gratification though... *sigh*

I'm still trying to read as much potential Hugo stuff as possible and was pleased to see at least one thing I've nominated there pop up on the Nebula list. I'm not sure if that just means I like the things a lot of other people like or that it's objectively good or whatever. Anyway, if you're interested in what kind of thing I'm reading, check out here where things keep cropping up. Likewise, if anyone wants to follow me on Goodreads, drop me a line in the comments with your user name and I will add you.
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I think the most annoying thing about job-hunting is that you're sending stuff out into the void - apparently most would-be employers and recruitment agencies find it completely beyond them to send a brief 'get lost, please stop sending us your CV' email in the event they don't want to interview you.

Anyway, my two previously-planned interviews went like this - first one got cancelled 24 hours beforehand and postponed to an as-yet-undisclosed future date and the second went well (feedback was far better than I anticipated, to be perfectly honest) but I didn't have quite the experience they were looking for. I was up front with them to say that I wasn't sure either whether it was quite what I was looking for, but felt going for the interview was a good idea anyway, just to get in practice.

Two more interviews lined up this week - first is for a library job much like the one I've just left, but better hours and also part-time so I can fit other stuff around it, while the second is also part-time but for an actual tutoring job, which would be a good foot in the door for this line of work. So, we'll see what happens...

In other news, I have actually managed to make myself start writing again and am about 600 words into my [community profile] picfor1000 story, which is due next week so I thought I'd better get my skates on. I haven't defaulted so far on this challenge and don't intend to start now! As for other stuff, I need to get back to the two WiP I have lurking over on AO3 and see if I can resuscitate them.

I'm not doing so well on my movies for the year either, as after seeing American Hustle locally, I had to go into town to see Inside Llewyn Davis so the cost of parking negated any discount I would otherwise receive. And then, when I wanted to see Her, it's again only showing at the fancy cinema in town but in the expensive screen until this weekend so I need to get over there tomorrow night. Next on my list was Only Lovers Left Alive and this particular chain hasn't picked that up at all, so that'll be arthouse cinema time instead. Very inconsiderate of them.

The next one on my list is Grand Budapest Hotel, which ought to be showing locally as they keep showing the trailer but who can say? I expect to have similar difficulties with getting to see Under the Skin as well. Then I think it'll be time for Captain America 2: Winter Soldier so I really don't expect any problems seeing that as often as I find I need to... ;)
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Yep, somehow it is December already. So much has changed over the past 12 months, though my state of mind is at least significantly more healthy than it was at the end of 2012. So that has to stand for something and who knows what 2014 will bring?

Work-wise, I had a delightful surprise the other day when I went into work expecting/dreading the idea of two long shifts with N (the subject of my previous post) only to find that she had been sacked! I was surprised too - since we only have a couple of weeks left of term and it's a term-time only job, I was fully expecting any change (if it actually happened) to take place then, thinking the path of least resistance was the likely way forward. So the major headache about the job I'm currently doing has been removed and now all I get to bitch about is the crazy hours. ;)

I think I've previously mentioned that I'm currently doing a course which gets me a preliminary qualification to teach adults - I'm particularly interested in doing basic literacy, numeracy and IT skills, though I'd need to do a further course to be fully qualified. I could also do an ESOL module and potentially look at teaching abroad if I was so inclined.

The only minor issue at present with my course is that in January I have to do a 30-minute teaching session to the rest of the group on a subject of my choice and am currently stumped as to subject. Don't you have an interest, I was asked? Hmm, I'm not sure a comprehensive knowledge of sexual positions and lube choices obtained via reading gay porn is necessarily what they're looking for. ;)

I also decided a few months back to put two of my current WiP on AO3 as I go along, in the hope that this would guilt-trip me into writing more. To nobody's great surprise, it really hasn't, though I'm sure the 3 people who actually read what I write are terribly disappointed. Yes, I am a terrible person. No, I don't really have an excuse; I could blame it on my crazy working hours, but that would be a lie. It's just laziness, pure and simple, and while I hate that this is the case, that doesn't stop it being true. All that stuff about 'a writer writes' just makes me think 'huh, I guess I'm not a writer then' because I just don't have that need to get things down in words a significant chunk of the time.
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The fandom meme )

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession

While it's true that Tumblr is excellent for enabling anyone's obsession, I think I've managed to avoid getting completely sucked in by anything in particular. Part of that is comparing my viewing/engagement with shows to how I was with Stargate SG-1 and also wondering whether the fact I'm not writing for any of these shows (yet, I have to always say yet, just in case) helps with that.

There's something different about a show you write for, I think, in terms of the engagement you need or the engagement it makes you have, I'm not sure which. You might, after all, need to know exactly how someone's apartment is laid out or just where the characters were standing in relation to one another in a particular scene. That sort of devotion to detail sets up a real obsessional feedback loop if you're not careful. In comparison, getting dialogue or character names right is much easier, all there at the click of a search engine.

So, current obsession? Nothing like it - there's a lot of shows I like, some I really like, but obsessive? No way.

Three fics uploaded on AO3 for [community profile] trope_bingo so far:

  • Maker - WWW fic, prompt 'au: apocalypse

  • A Proper Sense of Decorum - Mag7 WIP, prompt 'rivals to lovers'. I've wanted to write Nathan/Rain/Ezra for some time and I've got a plan to make it work. ;)

  • Hinterland - Man from UNCLE, prompt 'mind control'

    I'm currently working on finishing the WIP, still writing my 1930's UNCLE AU (now almost 21,000 words!) and no actual sign of anything resembling a pattern on my [community profile] trope_bingo card in sight! :P
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    The fandom meme )

    Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show

    I'm not sure it counts as a 'guilty pleasure' if you don't feel guilty about it (and hell, why should anyone feel guilty about what they enjoy, f*** other people if they make you feel that way, even if they/I think what you like is dumb...) but the show I got completely hooked on unexpectedly is a reality show called Catfish. I've also got quite a soft spot for Ramsay's Hotel Hell, which is real car-crash TV, but there's just something about Catfish that makes it the winner of this category.

    Basically, it's a show following on from the premise of a 2010 documentary of the same name about online relationships - it's hosted by the guy who was the subject of the original documentary, who now basically goes around the US meeting people who are in online relationships and investigating whether or not the person they think they're involved with is actually the person in real life.

    Anyone who's ever been online can probably figure out what the answer to that is going to be, with some really gullible people out there and also some who are clearly not wired up correctly (it's amazing how the 'oh, I had low self-esteem so I pretended to be someone prettier/more successful' line gets trotted out). Also, people, do you not use Google? If your online boyfriend tells you he's a successful rapper and is touring, wouldn't you just be a little curious to see what's online about him? Anyway, yes it's all faked but that doesn't stop it being entertaining as all hell.

    In other news, I'm trying to make some headway on my [community profile] trope_bingo card and have posted the first story (Maker, a Wild Wild West fic) on AO3 - I'll do a proper post here and on [community profile] trope_bingo when I have a few more done. I'm also still working on my 1930's UNCLE AU fic.

    I'm applying for jobs, though getting a bit frustrated by the amount of duplication on the various websites I've been asked to use, have signed up for some volunteer work (waiting to hear back on that) and am due to start a couple of courses next week. Since I'm getting JSA, I thought I might as well benefit from stuff where I don't have to pay course fees and am starting a preparatory course for teaching adults (I've run training before but have no formal qualifications so this is step 1 in getting those, as an option) as well as trying out Tai Chi. Since I am the least coordinated person I know, the latter should be very interesting!
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    Yes, more for the list I started here:

  • Orphan Black, which is all sorts of awesome and when the hell is season 2 airing?
  • Welcome to Night Vale, ditto on the awesome.
  • That I am left wondering why more show-runners aren't like Bryan Fuller rather than Steven Moffat?
  • That show premiere dates may seem a long way away but...
  • That I have been spamming my Tumblr with Pacific Rim stuff, though I have no shame in relation to this! Anyone on my flist who hasn't seen it yet, why not?

    More [community profile] trope_bingo thoughts - over on Tumblr, someone kindly posted a diagram that sorted out the whole crossover-fusion thing I was asking about Read more... )
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    So, in the interests of furthering my chances of writing stuff for [community profile] trope_bingo, would anyone like to have a go at explaining to me the what makes something a crossover fic rather than a fusion fic, preferably citing examples of fandoms I actually know something about (i.e. not Teen Wolf or Supernatural)?

    Because I have managed to get a card with both and can't really see what the difference is from the definitions linked from the community...
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    So, in a moment of madness I have signed up for [community profile] trope_bingo and here is my card:

    Read more... )

    In other fic-related news, I have also started posting my 1930's UNCLE AU on AO3 here in the hopes this will make me finish it. And I also discovered I have two versions of another story, one each from the perspectives of Mr Solo and Mr Kuryakin so I will have to do something about that...
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    *points to title of this post* Though I'm not certain it's really a Bank Holiday as the sun is shining...

    Been back just over a week from my trip to the Outer Hebrides but still haven't quite got my bearings yet or indeed unpacked completely. It was an odd trip, mostly because I'm not that used to staying in B&B - hotels have been much more my thing and it's quite a different approach, particularly for the anti-social amongst us (me, in other words). The only downside about travelling on your own - which is otherwise great, because you get to do exactly what you like, no need for negotiation or compromise - is that you get to listen to the inanity of other people without any kind of buffer.

    The Hebrides themselves are extremely beautiful. I have hundreds of pics I need to sort through and that was despite the fact there were a couple of days where the weather limited what I could do. The way of life is like stepping back in time - the resident population of the entire archipelago is only about 28,000 and even when you add tourists (considering I was there at the start of their tourist season) it's never going to be that busy. Most of the time, wherever I was, I had the place to myself. The top half of the islands, everything is closed on Sundays and even outside there, most shops close at 6 and restaurants don't serve food after 9.

    There were lots of people cycling the islands (which seemed like quite a masochistic pursuit to me - they're not that hilly, but the weather is very changeable and the wind can be evil) - not to mention the hordes of folks with campervans. This is a place where the majority of the roads are single track with passing places, which takes a little getting used to, as does the cavalier attitude of the livestock to the concept of vehicles. I'm used to sheep, though the Hebrides sheep are much more cocky than any I've encountered before - I'd been told that sometimes you have to 'nudge' them with the car to get them to move, but fortunately I didn't meet any that were quite that recalcitrant - and then there's the Vatersay cows. Yes, the cows on that particular island are notorious for their liking to lie down in the road, not to mention apparently making a special detour to it when it comes time to defecate, since there seemed to be more cowpats on the road than in the surrounding fields.

    I'd hoped to get the chance to do some kayaking while I was up there, but sadly it was a little too early in the season, so if there's anything that gets me back there then it'll probably be that as much as anything else. That and just how relaxed the place is, if you get into the swing of things there, not to mention the fact that while it's supposed to be one of the best places in the UK to see otters I didn't manage to spot a single one. :(

    In other news, before I went away I've been doing some work on the house and garden, discovering yet more joys of BIY (bodge it yourself) from the previous owner. This is a guy who thought it was a really good idea to just plaster in water pipes running along an outside wall without insulating them first, so that when the inevitable burst pipe happened one winter I ended up with a massive mess before I could get the burst fixed. Those pipes have now been boxed in instead, in case of future calamity.

    He'd also built a raised bed in the garden which was falling apart, so this year I decided to pull it to bits and replace it. Digging down, I discovered that he had pulled up a bunch of paving slabs underneath it (fair enough) but had then just thrown the resulting rubble into the raised bed with the earth. I now have a nice pile of broken slabs to dispose of, but I do have a proper raised bed in which I am attempting to grow vegetables. At present, pumpkins (which are finally coming up even though I planted them before I left for Scotland, delayed by the poor weather), garlic and beans.

    I had all sorts of plans for catching up with various shows and writing too while I was away, none of which really amounted to anything, though I did read a lot of fic. When it came to updating the recs pages on my website, I discovered all sorts of issues with them which led to a complete overhaul and this led to a general sort-out over there. All sorts of things were on AO3 that weren't on my site and vice versa, though the latter is mostly stuff I can't quite bring myself to re-read (SG-1 fic, I know your ears are burning...) and I'm not sure if it should be more widely shared. Or if there are even still people reading that fandom, fcol. ;)

    Also I have written a thing, (a Magnificent 7 fic) which makes me hope that I can continue to make some progress on the other stuff I need to finish.

    Okay, I think that's sufficient rambling for now...
    graculus: (Snape)
    I've not seen anything that says you can't include current works in 'what I have written' so I'm going to include a couple of those as well...

    Read more... )
    Wow, that's a lot more Mag7 than I thought! Also I am not as organised in posting/uploading fic to my website or A03 as I thought I was...

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