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Spent much of the morning throwing up, so ended up cancelling my Saturday class and spending much of the day in bed - this coincided nicely with two cycle races, one women's and one men's, so that was lovely. Of course, the women's got significantly less coverage (no surprises there!) and while it wasn't won by someone from the team I support, the winner was clearly the strongest woman in the race.

But this isn't about the race, it's about what happened next.

It's pretty common for riders to be met at the end of the race by family members, loved ones, as well as representatives of their team. However, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like what happened this afternoon. The winning rider crosses the line, gets round to where a couple of people are waiting for her (maybe the woman was her mother, given the age difference) and her boyfriend immediately grabs her face and starts excavating her tonsils. It was real teenage 'this is my girlfriend' dominance behaviour. He couldn't have been more territorial if he'd peed on her leg afterwards.

It reminded me of that nonsense at the Rio Olympics where a male Chinese swimmer (diver?) gatecrashed his girlfriend's medal ceremony so he could propose to her.The woman just won something significant, back the hell off for two minutes! And that was all over the news with some people gushing about how 'romantic' it was, others (myself included) thinking about the kind of self-absorption required to think that was okay.
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