May. 30th, 2017

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I don't know if it's just me, so here goes:

A certain fandom-notorious author has been the subject of apparent threats of physical violence at an upcoming con, with a bit of shit-posting on Twitter about how folks planned to gang up on her in the bathroom. Anyway, other well-known authors flock to her defence, posts are made telling Twitter support to delete the accounts, and so on (as you'd expect).

Now maybe I've been in fandom too long and seen too many things to take everything immediately at face value. You see, I remember the girl in SG-1 fandom who tried to tell people she'd lost family in 9/11 and then maybe she had cancer too, I don't recall the exact details.

Maybe it's genuine and we certainly know there are enough stupid folks out there on the interwebs but did anyone else think 'uh oh, could it be sockpuppetry?' or was that just me?

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